Sunday, 14 May 2017

Random Act of Kindness Blog Hop

"Welcome to the Random Act of Kindness (RAK) Blog Hop. You are visiting Rebecca Jacovou in Australia. I am showcasing the cards I have given & or received as part of the Random Act of Kindness Card Group on Facebook. 

Each month, we each select a few people from the Group to send a RAK card to, to brighten their day. Please feel free to join the Group if you would like to participate in the RAK cards movement (blogging is not mandatory). #imbringingRAKcardsback

These are the cards I have received 


These cards are from Cheryl algie, Michelle Caspar, Shelley young and Tina Gillespie. 

I hope the projects you've seen here on my blog today have inspired you  brightened your day. You are currently visiting Rebecca Jacovou. Please see the list below & hop around all of the people on the list to see all our projects. You don't want to miss any!

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